Does Rotten Tomatoes Destroy The Cinema?

By Henry Brown / 2017-05-10
Does Rotten Tomatoes Destroy The Cinema?

We live in the era where everything is reviewed and put on the Internet which is a very delicate place that can get you a lot of success but can also send you to chaos even if it is not a problem with you or your project. These days, Brett Ratner who is one of the most successful Hollywood producers (produced Hercules, The Revenant,  The Rush Hour. War Dogs and much more) criticized Rotten Tomatoes for their unprofessional reviews. To be more precise, they gave a poor score to his latest work ” Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Back in the days when everything was objective

Rotten Tomatoes started with work back in 1998, being one of the first (if not the first one) movie-reviewing web sites. In the past ten years, they are one of the most prominent sites for reviewing movies but these days became a target since Brett Ratner is furious because Rotten Tomatoes “degraded” Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is a movie that Ratner’s RatPac company co-produced.

Rotten Tomatoes As he said, in past times, film criticism was a real art, and you had to be an intellect to be capable of film reviewing. Today, everything is centered around Rotten Tomatoes’ score. According to his words, Rotten Tomatoes is the worst thing that is present in the film industry. It kills the objectivity which is crucial for movies and general art criticism.

Different people, different perspectives – different rating?

According to many online reviews (not on Rotten Tomatoes), we could conclude that people were not so delighted with this movie. However, these are all opinions from different perspectives. It does not automatically mean that the movie is bad – it is just a matter of what people like. But Ratner is mad at the RT because people take their opinions for granted, instead of creating their own.

Ratner’s Batman V Superman Specifically, many people hated Ratner’s Batman V Superman due to poor rating at the RT. Still, it is not the problem of movie or RT – it is a problem of people who take this site’s reviews for granted instead of watching a movie and then giving an opinion. In other words – people lack objectivity.

In the end, does the RT ruin the art of movie criticism? Or maybe people? If there is one thing that we hate, then it is a lack of objective perspective. In our opinion, the biggest problem is that people don’t let themselves to think independently. Especially when it comes to movies and their favorite producers who did not make a movie that was tailored by the fans visions.

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