Pulp Fiction’s Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Pulp Fiction's Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Pulp Fiction is a classic film that you can watch everytime you see it airing on TV. It is the second Tarantino’s movie (the first one was Reservoir Dogs), and it is one of the first movies that has three distinct but related stories which are not presented in (chronological) order. Beside the facts that this movie revived John Travolta’s career and “invented” some new features that were never seen before, Pulp Fiction has cultural and historical significance.

The content of the suitcase

The phenomenon of the briefcase stretches from the theory that the suitcase contained the diamonds from Reservoir Dogs, all over to the theory Marcellus Wallace’s soul was inside (this theory is due to Wallace’s bandage on his neck). Still, there is no official explanation but rather Tarantino’s joke: “It contains whatever you want.” We have to say that Tarantino gave a pretty good explanation.

Vincent Vega in bathroom – the bad things are about to happen

It is a bit more of fans’ opinion, but it has the sense. Whenever Vincent (John Travolta) goes to bathroom something bad happens. The first time is when Mia (Uma Thurman) overdosed on heroin. The second time when Vincent goes to the bathroom, an armed robbery happens at the restaurant, and the third time when he goes to the bathroom and walks out, he is killed. No bathroom for Vincent Vega!

Big Kahuna Burger – The food chain

How many of you did want to eat a burger at Kahunas? Yes, it became a brand, but it never existed (in our universe at least). This fact concludes that all movies made by Tarantino take place in the very same universe – Big Kahuna Burger also appears in Death Proof and Reservoir Dogs. Unfortunately, you will not be able to taste the burger since it does not exist (at least for now). But maybe someone will open it, and wait for Honey Bunny to perform armed robbery!

Endless Homages

Endless HomagesTarantino is well-known for his ways of paying the homage – and Pulp Fiction is maybe the best example. The famous passage from Ezekiel 25:17 that Samuel L Jackson speaks is borrowed from a Japanese martial art  The Bodyguard. Another example of homage is a glowing suitcase. The concept was taken from 1955 movie Kiss Me Deadly, with only one difference -the suitcase from 1955 movie contained an atomic device while the content of Tarantino’s  suitcase remained unknown to this day.

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