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Our team consists of 35 people who are part of three different teams: location scouting team, pre-production crew, and brand builders. Thirty people are divided into three groups while five people are general directors and they care that everything is under control and delivered on time.

Pre-production crew

This crew has only one mission: to fix everything and prepare everything for recording and producing. They care that the screenplay is finalized and ready for the further process of creation. Breaking down the script is crucial step to prepare everything for shooting. Luckily, we have several professionals who have been into the Hollywood industry for more than 15 years and who tend to identify all imperfections in the whole project.

Location scouting team

John, Mark, and Donovan are the leaders of this team which is the crucial part of the whole movie team. Those guys care that the location, which is determined for shooting, is the most appropriate one, regarding the story, timeframe, genre and the whole concept of the movie.

Brand building team

It is the team of people who are skilled in presenting and advertising - many times it is more than imperative to have a good ad if you want to launch your project properly. Creating and presenting the brand is not an easy task, and it requires years of experience in film industry. Our guys are top-notch, with our leader Sarah who worked on classic movies, like Pulp Fiction or The Sopranos.

3 Interesting Facts From The Movie Industry


Bollywood, the famous Indian film industry, produces over 800 movies per year, whereas Hollywood makes 400 movies per year.


Did you know that 101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan are the only two cartoons made by Disney where both parents live throughout the movie? Interesting isn't it?


One of the most authentic movies, The Big Lebowski, has a famous word "dude" which has been used 161 times throughout the movie. Pretty original, right dude?

What Our Customer Say

I must say that these guys are wonderful! They have people who are professional and know they job - location scouting team played a significant role in my script since they convinced me to change the location of the set. As a result, I got the perfect world for my fantasy movie that comes out this July! Thank you, guys!

Nancy Thacker

I needed some professional advice regarding some pre-production elements for my school project, so I contacted Casaoledo company. Even though I thought they are a bit rough, now it seems they were right - gave me a couple of suggestions what to change and thanks to them I made my first movie project for school! These guys rock!

Lisa Benson

10/10! Guys were so professional that they understood completely my ideas and visions. In several days, they have launched my brand which is an inner part of my movie-project, and I managed to have thousands and thousands of people who began to follow my work! 100% professional and up-to-date crew so don't wait to ask them for help!

Eric Ramirez

Our Recommendation



Highly recommended to all fans of action and comedy: a mercenary with a dark sense of humor becomes the product of an experiment which, (un)fortunately gives the Deadpool strong abilities which he uses to finish his quest.

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko is dark Sci-Fi thriller with a lot of elements of drama. Jake Gyllenhaal became famous for its role, where he portrayed a teenager who was under the control of a mysterious man dressed in a rabbit costume (Frank) who manipulated Donnie and used him to commit various crimes.

The Hateful Eight

A classic Tarantino's story - crime drama, wrapped in a mysterious coat with a good sense of humor. Only this time the story is set during a winter in Wyoming.

The Hateful Eight

Which Country Produces The Most Movies?

Many people don't know that India (Bollywood to be precise) holds the highest number of produced movies in one year, which is not odd if we only consider the fact that they make more that 700 movies in one year. The first movie that was produced and labeled as the Bollywood's material was "The Wrestlers," which was made in 1899. Another interesting thing is that Indians buy annually more than 2 billion movie tickets, but they have the lowest price for tickets in the whole world.

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